Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante II: Uptown Girl (and some layering)

Here's my second polish from Rebel Debunante: Uptown Girl. It's a feminine lilac that I really liked. At first, I considered it 'light', but it's really a medium color, not pastel or anything by any means. The formula didn't really level out completely, sorta disappointing, but not as bad as it's counterparts, and my left hand came out almost entirely smooth.

Refer to the bottle in this pic- the shade from the trees is making it deeper than it ever is.

I didn't do cleanup on this mani because I was feeling REBELLIOUS. And maybe lazy. As much as I loved it, I knew I didn't love it enough, so I layered it. Left hand got layered with Sinful 'Let me Go' from the Purple Passion collection. I will definitely swatch this alone later!

Right hand got Significant Other. I... managed to fail and catch it between shades. It's pretty sacrilegious. It looks magical in like.. every other angle. :/ But I'm too lazy to shoot it again. You should have this polish already! Loving the dinged nail? Me, too. I wanted to cover it up with a rhinestone like whoa. ...But I don't have any.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante I: Ms Socialite

 So after much deliberation, I did get a few of the polishes in the Rebel Debutante collection. None of them are outstandingly unique, but a few of them were right up my alley, and so eventually I conceded that for $2.99 or whatever, I'd get them. I'll be test-driving them this week. I honestly feel that that collection was great for spring. I'm not really into BRIGHTS and the brights it did have seemed... springy, not loud. Even the neon green. It just seems very appropriate to me for some reason. Here's the lineup, as if you haven't seen it everywhere else. I know this is old news.

Here's Ms. Socialite, which I wore over the weekend:

pay no attention to the dog biscuit crumbs

I got bored and took my ChG Ink brush to it. I don't think this qualifies as nail art- more like the polish equivalent of doodling while you're on the phone.

 Ok so review: The formula SUCKED. It was all bald-spotty and cuticle draggy and what was worse, it hardly leveled out AT. ALL. You can't see it in the pics, but IRL there are ripples and divots and sh** that not even Poshe could smooth over. Ugh. It dried in an okay amount of time and this is the second day of my many, and there are two tiny chips. This is three coats. As for the color? I really like it.  It's  a plummy berry color through and through, and really feels 'springy' to me. Well, springy for a person that doesn't wear many colors at all. Ugh but that formula....

Anyway, a last word on Nfu Ohs, before I get some more. I was feeling pretty secure in my wishlist for them because I have been all up and through their blog, . But the other day, when I was on, I noticed that they had posted this link for their swatches. I found it because I noticed that there were polishes with numbers higher than I had ever seen, and I knew I was missing something. Oh. No.  Consider yourselves warned!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nfu Oh 59: the Helll mani

Ok here is the swatch of 59 and the mani I wore over the weekend. My favorite thing ever nail art wise is gradient manicures, so like I did with 49, I did a gradient beneath this jelly, and it turned out more apparent this time. Yay! So the first pictures are kinda bad because once again, I didn't notice that I'd dinged a wet nail (I promise to stop doing that!). But index and middle are 59 alone, and ring and pinky are over one coat of Revlon Devilish (which I will swatch once I forget how much I hate removing reds >:[ ).

As with the other flakies, they show best over a dark background. You'll see more of the golden orange and greens if you layer it. I liked the way it looked over a coat of devilish, so when I went to do a mani, I thought, hm, maybe over something even darker? And I started off using a polish I absolutely hate (to give it purpose, you know?) OPI Midnight in Moscow. I won't tell you why I hate it yet, because I do plan on swatching my entire collection. All you need to know is that that was way too dark, SO, I did one coat of Devilish, then another coat halfway down the nail, and did the thiiiiinnnnest tip of MiM. It pretty much rained all weekend, but I tell you, this mani was just too much for me! At 3 coats, there was a lot of flakiness in the 59 I layered on top, and it looked like flaming embers floating into darkness. Very evil, you know? Anyway it was definitly glitzy, very sequined-red-dress loud. Not entirely my thing. Pictures!

I have no idea why it's playing shy here, but you can see the dark tips.

and a little blurry to show the fiyah!

Once again, I enjoyed the formula on this. It leveled itself out very well, and refused to chip, despite how many layers of polish there were going on. Be careful though, the layers get kinda thick because of the formula and the flakes, so give it a moment before putting on a fast dry topcoat to avoid it rippling up on top and being wet in the middle layer. Because it sucks when that happens.

Friday, April 23, 2010


59 and 51! I also marbled my nails for Earth Day for the first time- it's WnW Caribbean sea, Jade and SH Grass Slipper (it looks all unorganized on purpose- I wanted an organic look) 

Maan I've wanted these for a while. To be fair, I hadn't considered 59 until recently, and got it instead of 49 this time because it was out of stock ;.; I expect 51 to be out really, but I recently have a better idea of why 49 was gone- I'll get to that when I buy/swatch it. Today, let's take a look at the famous 51! These 'Luxury Opal' flakies are THE BEST.

full sun, these two
shade. I dinged my ring finger and hadn't noticed!

Indoors, givin the full rainbow! Sooo pretty.

Where do I start? Yes, the bottle is adorable. The cap is super easy to hold, and oddly enough, says "enfu-Oh" Why did they drop the 'e'? Onto the formula. This is the jelliest jelly to ever be. I mean it spreads like warm jelly, and though that sounds like a bad thing in regards to polish, i assure you it isn't! It was freakishly smooth despite all the flakes! You can stroke over it again and again and it just..keeps coating! I can't even really say how many coats this is. 3 ish? I did a gradient of Zoya yasmeen from tips fading to middle, and then CC Catwalk Queen for the very tips. I notice that the best duochrome shows towards the tips, so yes I do recommend putting it over a purple base. The base color of this jelly is a violet-ish purple, but you rarely ever see that for all the shimmer and flakes! It dries very smooth, but this is with topcoat. It also didn't take that long to dry, but I was outside, soo.... 

Anyway this polish is the tits! You'll be looking at your nails off and on all day- totally distracting. For what it's worth, a funny fact is that within the jelly is not only flakes but shimmer of the same duochrome. If they wanted to, Nfu Oh could take the flakes from the formula and have a more opaque Clarins 230 on their hands! WE SHOULD TELL THEM. >:D

Thursday, April 22, 2010


 Ok so... here I have a Sally Hansen and a Wet n' Wild.

I had looked at Sally Hansen Grass Slipper for like 5 minutes when I bought my other drugstore polishes, unsure if I was into it. I don't ever wear brights or super non-traditonal colors; it's just generally not my thing. But it was spring, and one of my favorite colors of the season is that fresh yellow-green of new oak leaves. So eventually, I came back for the overpriced green (there's a non 'complete SALON' SH that's nearly the same color, but it was a bit too pastel/chalky to me).

In the end. I don't like it. But here it is, the way I first saw it on the nail, in my bedroom.

As you can see, as I moved through the house, it changed quite a bit. To be fair, when I got it, I opened it in the car at a stoplight and swatched it on my pinky, and I thought it looked so cool! When I did a full mani, however, I was totally deflated. It also goes to say that I don't swatch really, I take pictures of my NOTD/Ws (although I did a real swatch today, Nfu Ohs coming up tomorrow!). So I put all this work into something I totally hated. Ok so flaw one: the brush is weird. I don't want to say it's bad; it's wide which I generally like, but too long for how wide it is? And the tip is rounded, I guess to help you get that perfect nail shape. To me that's just superfluous and it got in the way. It goes on kinda uneven but levels itself out very well by the second coat, and if you did one thick coat and have petit nail beds, you would probably only need one. EDIT: The biggest flaw on the brush, I can't believe I forgot this. The post that attaches the brush to the cap is FLAT. This seems harmless, but think: you know how you drag the post along the inside of the bottle to remove excess polish that lingers to run down and pool onto your nail when you least expect it? You can't DO that with this brush, it's a square peg round hole type issue. If you drag the side of a flat thing along the inside of a circle, there's still a half circle of space where there's all this runny goop :/  Flaw two: overpriced. You ain't all that Sally Hansen. I felt mad at it, kinda. I'm just too lazy to take it back. Or I wanted it to grow on me? I'm still debating on whether or not to buy a cheap yellow to franken it with. In some lights it looks almost neon green which couldn't be any LESS my thing. Then sometimes it looks chalky.... the last pic in fading sun is what I wanted it to be. It's not, really :/ Oh well. UGH and on a related note- why is it so damn hard to find Hidden Treasures in a store ANYWHERE!? Buh...

Here's one that is WAY prettier IRL than I could capture, but I knew it wouldn't come out right. This is Wet n' Wild Night Prowl, and for some reason it reminds me of club advertising from the 90s. Hard to describe why.... anyway, it's a black jelly with dispersed fuschia-y purple glitter in it. So it's not solid glitter throughout, which kinda suits me because despite owning Supernova, I'm really not that into glitter. Like. At all. I also don't tend to like colors this dark, like the 'blackened' vampies or colors that are a pigment/glitter suspended in black so you can only see the color when bright light hits it. I hate that because it just looks like I'm wearing black. Friggin' useless. BUT. I thought this was really cute and looked at it fondly like a bajillion times when I wore it. If you like purples, goth colors, glitters, whathaveyou, you should get this because it's 99 cents! Come on! The formula was just fine for that price- it can give you cuticle drag and the brush is way longer and skinnier than I like- but now I'm super used to it, so it's cool.

Anyway I've got some great stuff to show you tomorrow- I might crumple under the excitement and show you later tonight- who knows!?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Hair Story: BC to now and PROTEIN OVERLOAD

As I stated yesterday, April 7th 2009 was the last time I had a relaxer. I ultimately decided I would transition for a year, snipping off inches of hair as it grew, so I'd maintain shoulder-length hair. DUMB IDEA. Especially since an inch of natural hair is totally not equal to the length of one inch of relaxed hair. I did braid-outs and twists, and DC'd, and baggied and pre-shampooed and co-washed. I wore donut buns, and boy were they BIG. I loved them! (I'm hoping by winter this year my hair will be long enough to use them again and hide my ends from the cold). I wore cute updos and flowers in my hair and felt more fabulous about myself than I had in a long time. My boyfriend noted that he'd never seen me do so much with my hair. ...But I only made it to August.
     I had mentioned cutting my hair off to my boyfriend before, or shown him pictures of other girls' twas, and his normal reply would be along the lines of 'it's so short' or 'but you wanted to wait longer.' It had been a month at my new job, and must've been a Saturday. He left for work. I felt a feeling of absolution. I went into the bathroom, tied my hair into a ponytail, and chopped it off. Then bit by bit, I cut off the relaxed ends. It took around five hours, because just as I finished, my BF came home. ...He didn't notice immediately. Then. "Oh my god!" and he gave me a BIIIG hug and told me I looked cute! I said I felt like a supermodel, and it was true. My hair was suuuupershort! It was so easy to care for! I tried shingling as the months went on, but between you and I, don't bother at that stage. No me gusta. Moving into winter, I cut glycerin from my regimen, but my hair was still so dry! To be fair, I didn't tend to put it up in twists... this is where the trouble started...
   It kept feeling so dry. I'd DC and put leave-ins in it, and it would soften up again, but as time went on, every time it dried out, it was drier and wirier. I thought it was the cold, and kept on with the conditioner. By the end of winter, my hair was a miserable, uncooperative brillopad. And it was getting worse. Like, to the point that if I pulled on a curl, it just stayed stuck out and didn't bounce back. My hair felt like finespun wire. It grossed me out and depressed me. There was very little curl definition. And though I DCd faithfully with butters, oils, extracts, salt, etc, nothing worked. When the cold snap broke and spring came, I expected my hair to soften up. It didn't. It was getting worse, despite all the conditioners I was trying out on it.

And that's when I noticed.

My Giovanni conditioner had proteins in it. So I switched to Organix Coconut Milk.... and that had protein in it. Then I switched to a coconut oil condish.. only to find out that coconut oil aids in protein retention! I had been digging myself into a protein-y grave! Stupidly, I ditched those conditioners and then DCd with a mixture containing an EGG yolk, thinking that the cholesterol content would trump the protein content! I must've been desperate because that's super dumb. I left that mixture in for 40 hours and ... no bueno. The next week, I gave in and clarified, because after deep conditioning with another heavy mixture and baggying for 2 weeks straight, I wasn't seeing any but the tiniest improvement. My hair felt like softer wire, and lasted a whole 3 hours damp. I had heard that clarifying is no good but listen here! If you have a bad protein overload, clarify and use Nexxus Humectress conditioner. I clarified one weekend, DCd, then clarified the next, slapped half a bottle of Humectress on my head and wrapped it up for 40+ hours. When I was done I could see and feel the difference! My hair was 80% better! I went back to using Oyin Frank Juice for moisture, and now, 4 days later, it's COMPLETELY back to normal!

It's super late here and I still haven't posted pictures- also the sun refuses to let me take pics of my polish. Oh well! I just wanted to write this down somewhere.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My hair story: Part one.

 Alright first off, let me apologize for not having pics to show you. When I BC'd I didn't have a camera save for my phone, and I don't have the usb cord for it :( they are still there and one day I can show you all.

 In the beginning....

As a young girl growing up in Texas, I had very long, pressed hair. I remember my mother braiding it a lot, and when it needed to be done up, she hotcombed it (remember that, y'all? TERRIBLE) and or put it on rollers. I don't remember when I got my first relaxer, really. In the summers, as I grew older, my mother would have my Nana or someone put braids in my hair. I always wanted long skinny ones, but that's not always what I got. At one point, when I was 7 or 8, I wanted a bob cut SO bad, and ended up getting something similar to what Michael Jackson had in the 'You are not alone' video. I liked it! It grew out, sometimes I had bangs, sometimes I didn't. My mother tended to do my hair herself, and I didn't go to salons much. As a teenager, my hair was always long. Never shorter than shoulder length, except for a brief period where I had that other bob that was in style- short in the back and longer in the front, with two long pieces on either side. That looked a HOT mess when it was frizzy! Because my mom was no salon stylist, my hair was badly damaged, was dry a lot, and tangled like mad. I never shampooed it because I would never have been able to work through the knots. It would just grow until there was so much new growth my mother would slap some relaxer on for an hour or so, YES AN HOUR OR SO, and on we went. One year, I fell in love with bantu knots. I don't know why, because I would never wear them now. Just not into it. But I had them, and LOVED them. When I took them down, I had cute, curly hair, and I liked that, too. ...and then a day later, for no reason, my mother took me to her friend's salon and told him to cut off all of my hair. All of it. I had Halle Berry's pixie cut. ...I was devastated. Thinking back, this would have been the perfect time to go natural! I had less than half an inch of relaxed hair left, on the top only. But I know my home life then would not have been conducive to the support and the right ingredients to take care of natural hair. That mess grew out UGLY because it was limp and half relaxed all the time, the ends were poofy and damaged, and I always loaded it up with Suave conditioner so it would hang. Ugh. By the end of Highschool, I was back to  shoulder length again.
    Well, for reasons I will not put here (long story short my parents were very abusive), I ran away just before my 18th birthday. A couple months before I left, I had asked my mother to let me relax my own hair. What she didn't know was that I knew good and well I'd be doing it on my own. So, I did, from there on out. But my hair was just a hot mess. I would relax it, and there would always be burns and undertreated parts, and I flatironed it alot. A. Lot. I used Pantene Relaxed and Natural conditioner, and SoftSheenCarson relaxer (African Pride, too, but man that mess turns my hair to straw!). As I moved up in the world, going from a fresh high-school graduate working at a barbecue place, to a receptionist in a medical office, I began to go back to salons, desperate to find someone to relax my hair. I tried lots of places. Ok so what's up with the sign that says 'walk-ins welcome' but when I come in you all stare at me like I have two heads? Rude. I found a place down the street from my job eventually, and the stylist was..nice enough and did a great job on my hair. But god she was SO expensive- she charged separately for everything! $75 for relaxer, $10 for style, $15 for deep condition, etc. Then I found a place in Sanford here, and ...well they were nice. Bumpkins, but nice. I eventually had a moral fall out with the stylist, though, and ditched her racist a**. I found an even nicer, nicely priced, respectful lady close to my home, and stayed with her for a while. Now my now, my hair is past my shoulders, but I can't seem to get to bra-strap length, or how I measure it, boob-length xD. And this made no sense to me. I knew my hair grew. I knew I ate well, wasn't anemic, and my hair was healthy. Or so I thought. But every time I combed it little pieces of the ends would fall off, even though it got regularly trimmed. And every time the stylist blew my hair out after the relaxer, I would look in the mirror and smile, because I loved the big mane look. Last year, I began looking into natural relaxers. Well there really isn't one, but there are options. And I began cruising hair care boards., I'm looking at you. I first decided that I would stretch my relaxers. Then that I would use these non-chemical methods. Then that I would switch to all natural products.. and then I lost the idea of relaxing entirely. I began to cowash, and prepoo, and deep conditon. For the first time in my life, I could comb through new growth and the relaxed parts like it was NOTHING! My boyfriend stood in the bathroom door one day. "I've never seen you be able to comb your hair out like that." So true. In the seven years I'd been with him, I'd never been able to do it.

My last relaxer was April 7th. It's been over a year.

In this time, I have always been thrilled to share the things I've found out in my studies. Overall, I love sucking up information on natural health, and spreading it into the minds of anyone that will listen. That's why I'm majoring in Alternative Medicine now. I created this blog to help girls compare swatches, and give people little tidbits on health. But very importantly, these three things: People need to know about products and foods that may harm them, and their healthy alternatives, naturals need a supportive community, and I wanted to spread information, and more brown bloggers should swatch cosmetics, because we want to know what that stuff looks like on us! haha. So listen, my dear sweet followers. Please let other ladies (and guys, too- no discrimination), know about this blog!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my BC and my harrowing encounter with Protein Overload. And if the sun is out I can show you the pretty purple polish I'm wearing!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sooo backlogged! OPI S.O. Color

I still have a lot to show you T.T I know I suck. Sorry!

Anyway I want to get this off of my HD, I am so through with it ! It's OPI's  Significant Other Color. It's impossible to take pictures of!!

This is such a pretty color! My camera can't get how vivid the green shimmer is, though. And there are bubbles because my Poshe was as thick as glue when I applied it. <.< Don't worry, I got a new bottle. Anyway, here's another picture of how it normally looks, I didn't include a bottle pic because I suck and forgot to do it. :p

Yellow artificial light, in my office.

Base color. It's a pinkish lilac. Sheeer.

These are pics of the illusive copper duochrome. Now, it's not hard to see it IRL. It's hard as heck to get it on camera! I think it's a point of view issue, because it can be anywhere from light and peachy to a saturated ponk-orange. While the green flash is pretty strong, it's not truly affected by the direction of light, but the presence of it, so I consider it a flash not a duochrome. The copper is the one you have to hit the right way to see. This polish is sheer and good for layering, but I've worn it twice now on it's own, at 3-4 coats. Can I just say I ADORE the pro-wide brushes? Love it. I am not a fan of pinks at all but I definitely love this color. Significant indeed.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair and nail stuff....sorta

 Ok so...I have a lot of polish I really need to show you. My mini haul has all been worn and had it's picture taken, apart from that blue. I fell out of love with it, but will swatch it anyway, for you guys. I also received some other bits and pieces in the mail! 3 colors from the Rebel Debutante collection (yeah I know I'm late) and 2 China Glazes. So yeah, lot's of swatching to be done! I'm currently wearing Sally Hansen's Grass Slipper, and ... well I'll tell you more about it when I do the full review! I also need to show you guys how I make my lip gloss and hair oils, so stay tuned!

I'm mostly popping in to talk about this:
click for full size-two products are cut off!

I received word of it in my Curly Mail. If you haven't signed up for this, do so! It's a great way to get the word on sales and find out information in general. This line of curly products is a budget-friendly spin-off of the CURLS Professional line. Founder Mahisha Dellinger says:  “In today’s economy with everyone trying to save money where they can, I wanted to be able to offer an affordable alternative to CURLS™ Professional. CURLS Exclusively for Target maintains the integrity of the CURLS™ Professional brand at a lower price point. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your rent and having great looking hair!” Hear, hear. While I do maintain what I said about Kinky Curly products, I would be interested in trying out this line. I'm not much of a PJ, but I do get curious. Unfortunately, the target close to me doesn't carry it; only the one down on Colonial, the worst road in Central Florida. That's my only choice?  WTF? There are TWO in Pensacola and one here? Central Florida? I mean come ON, who lives in Pensacola?!?! (J/k I used to live there. I miss that crawfish festival for serious.) Find out if your Target carries this line here , and have a good day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kinky Curly Charity!

 So in a lull at work today I came across this post on the Newly Natural blog, and was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea that this was going on. Basically, for every purchase you make from Kinky Curly, a portion of that money goes to 'Charity:Water'. This is definitely something I can get behind, because I feel it's a tragedy that we waste water everyday; letting it drip from our faucets, making useless plastic bottles with it, watering our lawns so the neighbors don't look down on you, lounging in an hour long shower every day... it's a shame, because in other countries, people can't even bathe, drink or cook with it really- there just isn't enough, and often what they do have is contaminated.

As far as the products themselves go, I have used Knot Today and really loved it. It left my hair soft, and not crunchy, and had suuuuper slip. I have used it to set and as a leave-in. It is kinda pricey for that little bottle, but hint hint: it works just as well with some water in it, so you can cut it 50/50 to dilute it, if you want. That's how *I* felt, anyway, maybe it'll work for you. As I slowly.. slowly... creep away from my protein overdose (IT'S SO BAD), I'm considering getting something from Miss Jessie's or Qhemet Biologics for braid outs, but I'm definitely going to get a pomade or custard from KC instead, because I'm feelin that charity. If you want to know more about the whole shebang, look here at their campaign page

Monday, April 12, 2010

Polish remover trick! And HT: Protein and diets

Ok so I had planned on showing y'all my lip glosses (home made, of course), but my camera is dead and I'm too lazy today to fix the battery situation. On the upside I got a fat raise!

Anyway, today we're gonna talk about nail polish removers. I haven't tried the apparent holy grail of Zoya Remove, and I will one day. I used to use this Nearly Natural Nail Polish Remover I got from Whole Foods; it smelled like poisonous vanilla and took FOREVER to remove anything, but it was like 90% natural. I've seen an all natural corn based remover, but for serious that bottle is way too small for it's big pricetag. No thanks. I have, however, tried Essie's Clean Polish Remover. It is gentle, but it has acetone in it, so it removes quite well. It won't dry your cuticles or nails out, and that is great. It's a small bottle for the $6 or $7 I paid for it at Ulta (a store I totally despise for their price gouging. Poshe for $8? That mess is like $4.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond!), and that isn't very recessionista. So, being my do it yourself-self, I looked at the ingredients. While there are some chemicals in the formula I can't get my hands on and replace, I could tell good and well that as far as the fact that this is a gentler, non-drying remover, the Aloe and Glycerin in the mixture were the culprits. So what do I do? I pick up a $1.99 big ol bottle of 'Polish Off' professional (yeah, whatever), and throw some glycerin and aloe gel into it. I'm a bit of a mixtress hair wise, so these things were already in my house. I tried it out and wouldn't you know? It no longer dried my cuticles out.

If you don't already have some, glycerin and pure aloe gel can be picked up at most health food stores- I got mine from Chamberlin's. They are both pretty cheap, I have a juice-bottle size bottle of aloe gel for $4.99 and an 8oz bottle of glycerin for like $2. Factor in the fact that all it takes is a spoonful of both to turn a cheap, drying acetone remover into something moisturizing and gentle, and you've saved yourself a BUNCH of money. Now for the tip~

PROTEIN DIETS: So we all hear that most celebs use high-protein diets to lose weight, and this method is often used by weightloss clinics as well. Here's the deal: This isn't downright harmful. Most high protein elements are low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and that WILL help you lose weight, definitely! Thing is, a lot of these diet places are telling people to lay off of fruits and veggies. What the what?! Now, not to say that these things won't ever make you fat- anything when overeaten will make you pack on pounds. But my people, fruits and veggies aren't making you chunky, and you cannot healthily maintain a diet that restricts plant foods. Not. At. All. That isn't good for you! Your body needs those phytochemicals, fibers, nutrients, vitamins and even sugars. Also, watch out for replacing meal bulk with meat: Commercially raised animals are higher in saturated fats and Omega-6 fatty acids, with little Omega-3 to compensate. Also, exorbitant amounts of protein are difficult for your body to digest, stress your kidneys, and can even cause loss of calcium in your bones. The more you know!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drugstore polishes :) HT: Parabens

 I don't discriminate by brand with my polishes, I discriminate by color. Once I want a color, I want that one and not something 'close'... most of the time- it depends how bad I want it. I still don't think I'll ever be able to settle for Catherine the Grape, knowing that you can still get your hands on Peel Me a Gobi Grape if you try hard and want to spend the dough.

The same day I went and got Miconazole Nitrate and the Aussie Moist conditioner, I picked these up.

That's from left to right, Wet n' Wilds Night Prowl, Caribbean Frost and 234 Jade, and Borghese STELLARE NOTTE. I.. whooo! Good god I love duochromes and ANYTHING that looks like a black pearl. I'm excited to wear this one, but I'm gonna make myself wait, because I'm a masochist. I have worn Night Prowl- it's a purple glitter, but that doesn't come out too well in this pic. That's Samus' leg in the background. I'll post swatches pretty soon!

Health Tip: Parabens

I once read, in a comment somewhere related to beauty products, a girl gleefully explain that she loved parabens. "I don't want no moldy lotion!" ...Sad. I'm sure you've heard some of the hype about parabens, and personally, yes, I know that they serve a purpose. But just like so many other chemicals, they are the cheapest way companies tend to deal with the problem, and they are harmful. Parabens act like estrogens in the body. Sure, we all have estrogen. But we shouldn't have extra. On top of everything else, not all estrogens are the same, and because these are alien estrogens, they don't behave the same way in our bodies. They are abundant in beauty and body products, which is really a shame. By the time a woman gets ready in the morning, she has exposed herself to hundreds of harmful chemicals already. High concentrations of estrogens have been found in breast cancer tumors, highlighting estrogen's negative impacts on the disease. Parabens have been found to, in a way, feminize men's reproductive organs enough to leave them with low sperm counts; they have also been found to be a culprit in the early development of young girls- breast development, periods before the poor things are even 10, acne, weight (the hormones in milk are also a big part of this issue). 
 As far as the 'mold' issue goes.... I have used natural, paraben free lotions and conditioners for years, and they have never gone bad. Never smelled sour. Never been moldy. There are other germ-fighting ingredients companies can use, they are just too cheap and unconcerned with the health of the public to use them. One thing worth noting: if you tend to read labels and are watching out for parabens, they show up with the following prefixes: Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl, Isobutyl and Benzyl. However, do not be fooled by companies trying to go undercover! 'Paraben' is synonymous with Hydroxybenzoate. It's a trap!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I was so excited! Ok let me just explain: This is also a hair blog. That helps to know, because it's why I went to the drugstore today for some miconazole nitrate. I'm going to mix it with my scalp oil and see how things grow. More on that later. But I saw this!

THIS IS A HUGE A** BOTTLE! But that's not what excites me. It's the pump! I like Aussie just fine as a cheapie cowash conditioner, but I HATE HATE HATE that hard to open and shut flip cap! It's the absolute worst! It's so hard to deal with, and you know how often you open and shut a conditioner bottle in the shower or whenever. I have to turn it upside down and bang it on the counter! And in opening the thing, I've broken a nail before, and that's just intolerable. SO! No more of that! It was $5.99 at Publix, but I think it was on sale for cheaper when I stopped in at Walgreen's. Go check it out! Also I promise to post more about hair, I'm just in a slump. Protein overload is no joke.

Essie: Chinchilly and Rockstar Skinny

These are two of my favorite Essies. In fact, I only own 4 Essies, and of them 3 are among my favorite overall colors. Why? Because these two are grey and burgundy, my two FAVORITE colors, and the other is a coral I will swatch later, and coral is one of my primary colors for cosmetics, after berries and peaches. On to the pics!

I love this!

Originally I had been torn between this and ChG Recycle, but after much digging, I found enough word of mouth that Recycle is cooler, and Chinchilly is more of a putty. I need that because I am a very yellow-toned brown, and something cool bluish grey would probably look TERRIBLE on me.

Note the silver flash. It reminds me of satin.

in the shade bein' glossy

As you can see, there can be some cuticle drag if you're not careful. It's the drag that keeps this from being a consistent two coater, but it can be. It's a burgundy, or plum if you like, with a silver flash- not so much a shimmer. Both of these have the same, agreeable formula. And I have loved them both since spying the bottles. They wear pretty well, Chinchilly for longer than Rockstar Skinny, but maybe that's just me. There's some tipwear on the RS pics, but that's because I type 16 hours a day or more, and it was the 3rd day. Not bad!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

China Glaze OMG

I totally love it. That said, silver holos is the one area where I will have dupes on purpose- I hear that Nfu Oh 61 is even better, but I have never seen them compared. This compels me, and I also want a few others, so there would be a group. But anyway, pics:

It is very easy to apply and dries matte. There's some VNL here after 3 coats but I don't really care, because it's so pigmented, otherwise. It wears pretty well, I think, and is easy as hell to patch up. This is w/o a topcoat. Only problem is I tend to wear this on weekends, and that's when I do my hair. Having my nails in water and conditioner soaked fro is not conducive to keeping polish on :/

Here's another weekened polish: L.A. Girl Supernova. I tried to give  a review of this last week, but total fale. I said then that I really didn't want to do 4 coats of it to get it to the right opacity and then have to deal with taking it off, just to wear it on the weekend, and that is so true. The bar glitter rips felt up like whoa.

One coat. You can barely see the grey base tint.

3...or 4 coats? 4 I think.


Unfortunately what you can't see in the pics is how it moves. The glitter, though random, refracts light in a regular pattern like OMG, just.. more spaced. This dries rough and you'll need to file down any bars that stick over the nail edge. I topped it with a gloopy Poshe coat. This is garish and ugly and I love it. Oh, and how did I keep from having to remove it? Hair+conditionerrr. I knew the mani would get damaged because I hopped in the shower to detangle within a couple hours of doing it. And in the shower the WHOLE thing began to peel! Score- they came off in solid pieces. That was fun. Tootles!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zoya Yasmeen and ChG Let's Groove

Ok so when I went on my first buying binge I really wish that more people had compared these two. One person took a photo that managed to make them look completely different, and one person swatched Let's Groove when it came out, describing it as Yasmeen-esque.

They're pretty much the same color.

Unfortunately I didn't know that until after I bought Yasmeen. Oh well. It was wasted money, but on the other hand I like to have polishes in groups, and so it would have been hard to decide which one to get when I have multiple ChGs and will eventually have multiple Zoyas. Anyway, pics.

Ok so let me describe what's going on here. Index-ring is Yasmeen, pinky is Let's Groove. They are the same color with the same flash BUT Let's Groove looks a bit cooler because the pinkish pigment flash particles are less diffuse when compared to Yasmeen. It gives it more of an electric look, which is pretty apparent in the bottom pic. In the top, you can see that while the same amount of light reflection is there, Yasmeen is glowing more all over. Yasmeen's bottle also has a tiny amount of gold duochrome, but don't get excited- you never see that on the nail. For what it's worth there's a Zoya that also looks just like Stella (a polish I love). For some of you out there, these differences may justify buying both. Don't. No one can tell the difference but you. Spend your few dollars on something else :p

Now for the HEALTH TIP: Splenda

Splenda is made from Sucralose, a derivative of Sucrose, so it is 'made from sugar' just like they say it is. They use a whole lot of chlorine to give it that texture and amp up the sweetness. It is marketed as a low calorie alternative to sugar and therefore great for dieters and diabetics. Here's the skinny: Sucralose is something like 600 times (no lie) sweeter than sugar. The problem is that while Splenda doesn't need to be used in as large amounts as sugar, people tend to like it so much that they use the same amount anyway. Even if you don't, it doesn't matter. Due to it's sweetness, your body assumes you've just had 600 times as much sugar, and prepares and releases Insulin enough to deal with that sugar.... but that sugar isn't there. So now there's all this excess insulin in your system. This exacerbates diabetic conditions and triggers weight retention. How cute is that, eh? A diet friendly sugar alternative that ultimately makes you fatter? A tsp of sugar is 11 calories. 11 calories. 11 calories won't harm you. It's almost always better (diet-wise) to just have the sugar instead..