Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So. Let's get into form.

 It's been a loooong time since my last post, but a lot has happened!

 I started going to school (kinda rushed, actually, last minute change of plans), my partner has been convinced to start the whole FTM SRS process (more info on that here <3), and everything has just been a flurry! As an aside, I never did get those Cetuem samples I so drooled for. WTF.

 Anyway, I figured I'd post the polishes I was wearing today. The one I removed, and what I replaced it with. DISASTROUS! But I love it. Let me explain:

The usual suspects.

First off, I tend to wear my few crazier polishes on the weekend, and sometimes that starts on a Friday workday, and carries over into Monday or Tuesday. This weekend it was L.A. Girl Rockstar Supernova. I really like this polish. Like, for some reason when I originally saw it (posted by Scrangie, who else?) I just.. I don't know! I wanted it so bad and I don't even like glitter! But holo does it for me. However, when I bought it, I realized something important: The charcoal grey color of the jelly base is incredibly sheer! There's enough bar holo for me at two coats, but the grey is like invisible. Well that sucks for me because the charcoal jelly is why I bought it! It left me wondering if GOSH Bright Passion was darker, and therefore better than this one, or a dupe. Googling it again, it might just be a dupe, and I'm too lazy to do 4 coats and deal with removing it 4 days later :p Either way, I made a grey jelly for this purpose and used it underneath. So, here we have 2 coats of the jelly, and 2 coats of Supernova....


WTF CAMERA. These are the blurriest pictures of a polish in the history of ever! It ate the shimmer and the gloss and made it look like a tiny laser war on my fingernails! I'm going to save my gushing review of this and all  my pretty descriptions for when I redo it this weekend. >:p

Now, here we have Bitches Brew from the Lippmann Collection. I'm all for finding dupes, because paying more doesn't necessarily mean getting better. But I couldn't find a red like this. Everything close was too dark, too magenta, too shimmery... nothing fit. So I coughed up the big bucks for this. You can get one coat coverage if you're finesse-fingered and heavy on filling up the brush. I got it the first times, but subsequently I've become so careful that my first coat is too thin. This polish will give cuticle drag, in that case. It's not runny or too thick, but one odd thing is that the lovely 'glow' it has dies when dry, somewhat. Not a big deal, really, because for $16.00 you'll be using a topcoat anyway. According to these pictures, my Poshe is finally too thick to use. Sigh. Guess it's time for some thinner. It gunked up my mani for sure.

I don't tend to gap or do cleanup, but I should've. OH WELL.

This shot shows the color very well, but not the flash, like above. It's very wine-y. Maybe even .8% purpler than it is here.

 Anyway, that's all for today, but there should be plenty coming up this week, unless my new Chemistry class depresses me THAT much. Now for the health tip of the day.

 Transfat (Hydrogenated oils): Food companies use Trans fats, or hydrogenated oils because they have reduced risk for rancidity, are very stable and have a long shelf life. They create a consistency that consumers view as palatable. However, here's the deal: The oils are created by moving the position of hydrogen, creating an unnatural chain formulation. Your body doesn't know how to properly deal with this fake fat. Fats are necessary for human function, and lipids make up your very cell walls. The fats you eat become the fats you are, so if your diet is high in saturated and trans fats, look out. They integrate into your cells and can disrupt nutrient absorption in the membranes and disrupt neurological signals transferred down your spinal cord, interfering with the way your body maintains it's systems, tissues and organs. Don't believe packaging that says 0 TRANS FAT! There is a law that states that .5% or lower counts a zero. It's not. So read the label, and if you see Hydrogenated anything oil, skip it.

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